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  2. what is the discord?

    there isn't
  3. what is the discord?

    what is the discord
  4. Yesterday
  5. gayest dog in the dog pound:rainbow:

  6. First day with Zeus

    Better than Aimware and almost as good as Skeet. Thats my honest review about the Bird Hack. RageBot (9/10): Is very good and with that u have a good chance against Skeet. LegitBot: (?/10): Idk, who need that shit? Visuals: (10/10): The Visuals are very nice. Video from first day with Zeus.
  7. PSC 20E?

    okay that's not my problem. we do not accept PSC.
  8. PSC 20E?

    yes,we pay 20 per person but we can pay with only PSC
  9. PSC 20E?

    we don't accept PSC and its 20 per person.
  10. PSC 20E?

    *i want to buy with my friend 1 month,but we can pay only 20E PSC...
  11. PSC 20E?

    If i want to buy Csgo cheat 1m with PSC is only 20 or its more?
  12. omg zeus need update shit Hak refund.meme

    if u wannt my cfg Pm me
  13. that fps you playing on a toaster?
  14. getze.us )

    Dat zeus
  15. hello

    my steam

    my configs are p10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    get good 

    get getzeus

    refund aimware


  16. How do you buy the cheat

    It was not coming up now it is lol
  17. How do you buy the cheat

    you click store and purchase what you want
  18. How do you buy the cheat

    Hey How do I buy the cheat for csgo
  19. Last week
  20. omg zeus need update shit Hak refund.meme

    Im Selling my cfg Only
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