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  2. Помоги пожалуйста

    Здравствуйте. Вы сами поняли что написали?
  3. skateboard P

  4. Worst cheat i ever used..

    Glad you are happy.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Worst cheat i ever used..

    I bought zeus today and its the worst cheat i ever used. Since i bought it 2 hours ago, hvh got so boring. I tap everyone and resolve their heads so easy. There is just no competition anymore :^) No matter what you did to the cheat, please dont fuck up the resolver. Best cheat currently. I have many more, but i dont want to spam. All of these are done within 2 hours.
  7. LewB = Best Zeus User

  8. Feel Better | ft. getze.us

    clips are ass I just wanted to make another video.
  9. Through The Storm | ft getze.us

    thx im making another video rn.
  10. Last week
  11. Through The Storm | ft getze.us

  12. paypal refused

    shh im not bright minded
  13. Through The Storm | ft getze.us

    My first video every with zeus.
  14. paypal refused

    New gyazo update?
  15. last days with getze.us (HvH vid)

    Sorry to burst your bubble but, getting one kill per round isn't necessarily "media". Video isn't that good just because of that reason and the music was horrible. Editing was OK but if you want to actually create a good video remove the aa indicator so it looks better, just a tip.
  16. cool shitv2

  17. paypal refused

    nevermind i figured it out
  18. paypal refused

  19. paypal refused

    i was going to purchase zeus csgo cheat and when i went through paypal it said payment declined when i got back to shopping cart
  20. MasterCard

  21. Question About Cheat Features

    Not a problem. Pm me if you have any questions, need help, or just want to play
  22. MasterCard

    How so
  23. MasterCard

    You don't need to make a PayPal account you can just buy using your MasterCard through PayPal...
  24. MasterCard

    No sorry, can you take Mastercard?
  25. MasterCard

    You can add the card to PayPal?
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