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  1. Why was i banned lmao

    You lied
  2. Best hvh moments 5 | ft. Eagle

  3. Loader

    It's an application you run. It sorta looks like this (excluding the outdated logo):
  4. I'll ban you if you misbehave...

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    2. 879934287


      error reading vr.1 and vr.2

    3. 879934287



    4. 879934287


      HELP ME


  5. Gamersclub

  6. What os does this works on ?

    It does not function on Windows Vista properly.
  7. My account got banned

    Create a support ticket to resolve this issue, it might take until tomorrow to get a response.
  8. My account got banned

  9. Very Interested (need help with pament)

  10. HOw I will buy Getze.us

  11. 15$ ????????????

  12. Card Declined

    Our payment processor doesn't reveal much information other than these: The credit card number or expiration date is invalid. There are insufficient funds in the cardholder's account. The location or activity is suspicious. The bank's fraud rules which can take many other factors into consideration.
  13. can i buy if i previously refunded?

    If you happen to be on a 32-bit version of Windows 10 (I doubt it) then don't purchase it, we don't support 32-bit versions of Windows.
  14. Big +rep to Staff members

    It's the Russians!

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