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  1. Simple review after ~10 days

    RAGE: 10/10 Other than missing shots due to spread, I would say it's one of if not the best ragebot I've used. LEGIT 7/10 Very basic. As of now, I haven't been able to make a config that looks really legit, but if you're not worried about looking legit it's fine. Overall, does what it should. VISUALS 10/10 Wow. These visuals are very customize-able, sleek, and just look very appealing. There are truly an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to visuals. Anything from sometime simple to bizarre to shiny. All-in-all, Zeus is a very customize-able cheat, gets the job done, and does it very well. I would recommend Zeus to anyone looking for a reliable HvH cheat with cool visuals. Although finding what config hits p, may be a bit tricky, just play around with it and you will get it in no time. Thank you for reading my review, and have a great time tapping some noobers with Zeus.

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