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  1. first video media [poland meme clips]

    1vs1 kiedys? :3
  2. I'm going to keep it simple easy to understand: Ragebot: Overall the ragebot is relatively good there aren't any issues which could cause you to lose. I would give it a strong 8/10. You might disagree, although in the end, it depend on config / play style, and most importantly: opinion. (I don't know if I just got lucky but I believe with the right config you can even rage matchmaking anti-aiming so yeah). Legitbot: Legitbot is pretty basic although you don't really need a lot of it. It gets the job done, end of story. I would give 7/10 due to lack of options. (Again depends on your play style). Visuals: Visuals are my favourite. phat 10/10; they're clear to read, look nice and they are not a distraction at all. Furthermore, there are also various different complex visual options which you don't tend to see with other cheats. Improvements: Well a major issue in my opinion is the "at target" option in the rage -> Anti aim tab. What I find superbly annoying is the fact it tends to switch right at the edge, basically when an enemy is shoulder peaking with a scout fake lagging the anti aim will flick back behind a wall away from him, although if he continues to do it the anti aim switches out in the open which usually results in animation backtrack and a massive oof. It would really help if the anti aim adjusted it's position when enemy drawn, not right at the edge, something that Aimware has. (Also a feature which positions it's self based upon multiple enemies would be nice). Also regarding the anti aim, a pitch jitter / pitch angle adjust would be helpful for example: for no spread, where the pitch jitters to prevent enemy resolving player. Another feature which could be implemented is: an ESP which would possibly show on radar positions of smokes, flashes etc. It would be more of a legit feature which could help adapt to a situation and change play style etc. Overall the cheat is relatively stable in my opinion. With a good config it can be really good, (I'm not going to say it is skeet slaying since the score can depend), it can be really good VS other higher end cheats such as: Styles, Supremacy, Ev0lve, etc. Overall score I would say easily 8.5/9 out of 10. Yeah the cheat gets so much shit in the community whatever everyone chats shit it's 2018, however it has proven at least to me it is worth getting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PS If any admin is nice enough to hit me up with a free month for this review and being a customer from pretty much the start, it would be legendary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Is this an invite cheat?

    Lets hope
  4. Is this an invite cheat?

    That one time I was testing Aimware. ffs.
  5. Is this an invite cheat?

    The store is pretty much always closed QQ
  6. Getze.us | First edit/vid

    Nice Vid. Good Job. However can I ask you how you are not getting tapped when your real & fake overlap (pretty much constant).
  7. Mad AW User


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