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  1. Auto Renew?

    Nope. It will give you a choice to renew or cancel it. If you go to store > manage purchases you'll see it.
  2. HWID

    Hope this will answer your question https://getze.us/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=6337&do=findComment&comment=35988
  3. Review after 1 day

    lol nice math you got there EDIT: 9-11/10
  4. Review after 1 day

    Your overall rating is 9.5/10 when Resolver, AA, Visuals, and Misc is rated 9-11/10
  5. Can I pay through Stripe?

    I know its not an option...I just simply want to avoid any transaction fee in paypal...
  6. random highlights

    good video + awesome song choice <3
  7. p100,1 Best Edit by Ev7Cheats

    just got a headache watching this...you need to relax with syncing the bass in the video. Like its good but too much of it is just...idk. Good video though <3
  8. Getze hvh clips

    Great vid <3
  9. card has been declined

    RIP, cant help.

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