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  1. zeus beta highlights #7

    keep on dreaming
  2. Don't buy supremacy

    It's likely windows dumped the process because of the bluescreen and they blacklisted you for it thinking you wanted to dump the loader. This isn't a new issue with iwebz.
  3. slidin' ft getze.us

    Nice media but terribly over used song.
  4. [EAGLE] missed shot due to spread | getze.us in a nutshell

    It's trying to shoot the birds in the skybox. It's an advanced aimbot feature!!!
  5. Me mediaing some b1g ego kid

    People like this are always the fun ones to mess with. N1ce media
  6. Eagle Software/Zeus Short Review

    Gonna start this off with a sorry, I underestimated this cheat after it fell under some dark times but it has well recovered and kicks ass as it has before. Alright; let's go. Aimbot (Rage Only): It's powerful, Are you looking for the ability to rival every other cheat out there? Look no further. Nothing is perfect but this sure as hell comes close and will give your enemy one hell of a fight. Rating: 10/10 Visuals: It's lacking in some aspects but there really isn't much you can say. It offers what you could possibly want, just not enough option/styles. Rating: 7/10 Misc: Covers the basics. Nothing to really say here. Rating: 10/10 Overall: 9/10. If you want a good and reliable cheat that can absolutely compete with everything else, get zeus. If done right you'll be b1g hvh legend
  7. xaNe goes to zeus

  8. Welcome back eagle/zeus.

    <3 Yeah I know my configs outplay all the selly kids.
  9. Zeus for TF2

    Lithium. :^]

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