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  1. My review.

    thanks for the review let me know if there are any features you'd like to see added
  2. Welcome back getze.us

    nice vid
  3. random highlights

    awesome vid
  4. Zeus best P2C

    Cool video 😎 I recognize your name in some clips, I think I’ve played against you on some hvh servers!
  5. hitting P

    Nice vids
  6. Review After 1 Week

    hi, thanks for the testimonial! you can change enemy chams material and color, it's under the models tab in visuals
  7. hitting p zeus hvh

    hi, history chams are currently disabled while I fix a couple visual artifacts with them. they should be up and running again soon, I've been a little sidetracked recently with other stuff .
  8. hi, thanks for the review! I've actually been thinking about implementing a feature search bar in another section of the menu. do you think this would be beneficial and help your experience?
  9. cool shit

    nice clips!
  10. You must watch this!

    cool vid, I like your editing style
  11. thanks so much for the kind words about the freestanding issue, it usually happens because freestanding will activate on another enemy, even if they're through multiple walls. I'm working on making it occur less in the next update.
  12. Simple review after ~10 days

    thanks for the review
  13. Dominating hvh servers

    neat vid I've added a bit of time to your sub
  14. zeus autoknife

    it's in the beta, will be in the next live update
  15. Some spread and nospread picture

    Here's the config I've been using to test nospread things, I tend to do very well when I play. Last time I was using it I was messing around with antiaims and fakelag, so those might need to be changed, a good baseline for nospread is down + back for antiaim and adaptive + always for fakelag. https://hastebin.com/cireqecifa. Edit: The config uses delay shot, if you're shooting slow that would be the reason. I'd strongly suggest playing on servers with lowish ping (under 60 is preferred) if you would like to do well.

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