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  1. getze.us Review: teen

    Thank you for the kind words
  2. cheat working atm?

  3. Review after a long while.

    it’s easy to make a shitty cheat look good when u can clip every lucky shot u get and put it in a highlight video, and nobody else can call u out on it since only a select few have it I’d wait til you actually try them yourself before making assumptions
  4. b1g sKtERs rq cus they are bad

    I love good ns media
  5. CSGO HvH 'Fed Up' ft. Getze.us (ZEUS)

    idc about views I just like the edit
  6. ez zeus stack

    those are some sexy clantags
  7. Zeus > all

    I like to give away subs quite a bit, and it's not always for vids! we do contests and such in the offtopic section from time to time, so check there often
  8. CSGO HvH 'Fed Up' ft. Getze.us (ZEUS)

    holy moly this is cool! love the clips, I've added a week onto your current cs:go subscription.
  9. zeus update hittin p

    cool vid, I like it & I've extended your current cs:go subscription by a week
  10. Zeus > all

    I like you're video- I've added a week onto your current subscription time
  11. not a real review, but some good words to say

    thanks for the kind words
  12. My review.

    thanks for the review let me know if there are any features you'd like to see added
  13. Welcome back getze.us

    nice vid
  14. random highlights

    awesome vid
  15. Zeus best P2C

    Cool video 😎 I recognize your name in some clips, I think I’ve played against you on some hvh servers!

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