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  1. cthook owner tapped so hard he called backup

    This romanian nigger wanted a 1v1, but i tapped so hard he called backup
  2. csgo review

  3. ez with zeus

    HvH literally got so boring since i tap everyone. Please fix.
  4. HvH Memez

    Getze media comes at the end https://vimeo.com/271878016
  5. This new fakelag update

    Well, Reis, if you need a beta user then you know i might know someone. He is very friend and yeah. (me)
  6. Worst cheat i ever used..

    I bought zeus today and its the worst cheat i ever used. Since i bought it 2 hours ago, hvh got so boring. I tap everyone and resolve their heads so easy. There is just no competition anymore :^) No matter what you did to the cheat, please dont fuck up the resolver. Best cheat currently. I have many more, but i dont want to spam. All of these are done within 2 hours.
  7. This is why you don't buy Configs

    After all this rape, amber RQ and raged IRL This is why you should never buy a config. Don't spend money on this bullshit and use your brain and dedicate 15 minutes to build your own cfg.
  8. Skeet who?

    Joined the match and immedalitly tapped skeet Match ended like this PS: Do not buy joe's config. Im using a free one from the forum which i tuned a little (lag etc.). Thanks.

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