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  1. Is Zeus UD?

    it got detected at ban wave, though now it seems to be ud
  2. like, get a job maybe and stop relying on food stamps
  3. xaNe best user

    nice mexican dog
  4. question

    it works
  5. What do I need to turn off?

    all you have to do is double click the exe and nothing else
  6. Can i use paysafe

    https://getze.us/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=4501 it's a sticky post how'd you miss it lol
  7. UNBAN

    The guy asking for his "friend" basically this
  8. UNBAN

    don't think so pal
  9. Purchase

    check pm's <3
  10. Lmao help?

    you can try to pay but it won't let you complete the payment, their paypal is locked for a while no one else can renew either so nothing to worry about
  11. 1
  12. Shop

    I feel you
  13. Zeus tapping zeus

    @skrrtskrrt boi
  14. Zeus tapping zeus

    New update is p can finally play against zeus thanks @reis
  15. Pigeon logo sucks

    I love meme updates

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