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  1. Purchase

    no, you need to wait
  2. paypal

    no eta
  3. it is stripe safe?

  4. Payments

    its really hard check the annuncements, right?
  5. OPEN STORE!!!!!!

    as i said they open the store like every night but only stripe. at the moment paypal is still down and when it will come back they will public an announcement
  6. OPEN STORE!!!!!!

    they open the store every night, but stripe only. Honestly im waiting from 3 weeks and probably i will wait more to purchase with paypal
  7. why I can not buy a lifetime

    its not possible
  8. Please open the Store

  9. Question about payment

    yes, it is
  10. Question about payment

    What do you mean with if its safe? Anyway they will open the store again in the next days
  11. 17.30

    yeah sure
  12. Please help How i can buy Wiht paypal

    you cant.
  13. payment

    ye i know
  14. payment

  15. payment

    as i know you can pay with your card trought this method, btw i want to know from a staffer if reis pushed an update in the last week

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