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  1. Buying Getze.us

    no, it doesnt. there isnt an automatic renew.
  2. Legit

    Its a basic legitbot but it will be improved. There is a legit backtrack too into the legit tab and its pretty op
  3. Legit

    yes, you can. there is a legitbot since the last 2 updates
  4. When you purchase a cheat from the store you will be able to use it, its automatic dude.
  5. Paying with Paypal

    You can contact Mar1k on discord to pay via paypal: Mar1k#1993
  6. return money

    Who is the reseller? there is only one official reseller on getze.us (Mar1k) so if you bought it from another guy then you got scammed
  7. bro can  u give me ur nospread cfg



  8. How do i buy zeus ?

    click this under the eagle logo
  9. paypal

    as you can see there isnt a way to purchase via paypal. you can contact marik on discord if you want: Mar1k#1993
  10. skeet owned

    my score was better
  11. <3

    1. CoccoFruit




    go on your profile:
  13. zeus beta highlights #3

    a new pUpdate is coming out
  14. I want to buy getzeus but...

    Well, maybe for your forum name "luci0not0gay".. As i said i cant know the reason.
  15. I want to buy getzeus but...

    i cant tell you the reason of your ban because im a simple customer, but you cant be banned for nothing. what im trying to say is that you probably did something, so just follow the rules and you will be able to use getze.us without any problems.

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