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      We are not fully supporting Panorama UI in its current state (beta). When it gets pushed to live it will be taken care of then.


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  1. Zeus isn't that bad

    Zeus sometimes missing when enemy peeking but still op.
  2. New update is good ?

    I love the new update but i think @reis need to add better freestanding etc.
  3. Zeus cant tap skeet

    For Galaxys: https://getze. us/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=3079 For Teal:
  4. Zeus cant tap skeet

    This is my own but if u want to starter u can buy galaxy configs or teal(free)
  5. Zeus cant tap skeet

  6. Lord Chicken Zeus HvH #1

    great vid
  7. Please update this cheat

    Yes, we have problems with autozeus but sometimes I can zeused loyalty Configs(Galaxys and teal)
  8. "Needs update pls men omG"

    @happy I am holding override key when miss or shoot fake head min two times and get tapped easily.Maximum fakelag (14) can would be easily tap against skeet. Edit:Zeus need update.
  9. Configs: Galaxys Pack(I just edit fakelag) kelvin uses rifk and we kill everbody so easily
  10. Aimware Still shooting fakes...


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