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  1. It's MP5SD time!

    Bro I don't need to tell you nothing.
  2. o. o thank you for limiting it anyways
  3. Joined a server on a 8v8 and it ended up on a 5v6. The top-3 terrorist players were AWPing since the beggining (all of them are sk**t users). Well, it seems that not even AWPing can save these guys. Bonus - by april/warfill
  4. Quick and pretty review

    Hello. I'm a long time user and I've experienced the development of this cheat to what it is today. I used tons of different softwares, since pay2cheats to private softwares like gam****** , and, I can assure you that the Eagle Software is doing greater than almost any software out there. A friend recommended me to buy Zeus again and I totally don't regret it. Feedback Rage Assistance My personal rating: 9.25/10 The rage assistance tab (or ragebot tab) has every single feature that you'll need for HvH, and you can really rely on the software when playing since I couldn't find any inconsistencies yet. The only reason that I decided to give it a 93 score is that it's aiming bot, auto stop and some minor features could be improved a lot and also, I've had contact with a lot of softwares as stated before, but it is actually confusing to make your settings, especially your anti aimbot settings. It is great that it has a lot of features, but simplifying everything would also be a great thing. Legit Assistance My personal rating: 3/10 I mean, the only feature that works fine and actually helps you is the position adjustment (Backtrack), since the aiming bot seems to have been developed for Rage purpose. I know that there is a lot of work in progress, but I'm just being honest. Visual Assistance My personal rating: 10/10 It's probably one of the most complete ESP/Visual tab I've ever seen, and it also allows you to make your own unique visual configuration since almost every single feature more than one "mode" and it's colorable. Miscellaneous My personal rating: 7.5/10 It has every single essential feature and these works pretty goddamn well. But I think that developing more features and even some unique ones would be great. PS: Please make a legit automatic jump (bunnyhop), legit auto-strafer, automatic jump on edge and a automatic height (known as Automatic Jump Bug) feature. Thanks! Overall rating: 7.5
  5. Card Declined

    Excuse me, but why the hell my card keeps getting declined? Everything is fine and it is still gettin declined. Jesus It's a Visa Virtual Credit Card...

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